General Sales Terms and Conditions


The customer (you): the person buying a product.
hOme TIMELAB or hOme WATCHES: hOme TIMELAB SA/AG/Ltd, ch. des Etangs 8, CH-1700 Fribourg, Switzerland and, otherwise, the supplier.
hOme TIMELAB products: hOme swiss made watches and accessories (mainly wristbands, wallets, belts, headwear & t-shirts).
Confirmation of order: Confirmed order form sent by hOme TIMELAB.
Prices: Prices specified on confirmed order form.


This contract applies to all sales generated by hOme TIMELAB by means of catalogue, tariffs, advertising, internet or oral agreement. Any changes of the contract or a price quote must be approved by hOme TIMELAB in written form. By confirming your order you deliberately agree with the contract. This contract does not apply to any products bought through any dealer or distributor and is hence not a contract for dealers or distributors.


Orders may be placed online, by phone, by mail or by fax. They only induce any obligation for hOme TIMELAB after hOme TIMELAB has sent a written order confirmation. You must verify the order confirmation and report to hOme TIMELAB any errors in written form. Otherwise, this contract will apply to the order confirmation.

Prices/Payment terms

The prices of the products, sales tax, shipping fees will be specified on your bill. Customs fees of the customer's country are at one's own costs. Exchange rate fluctuations and shipping fees might induce price adjustments. You must execute the payment of any bills when placing the order or, if accepted, within 30 days after the bill has been issued. hOme TIMELAB may delay any shipping until the total amount of the order has been paid. If your payment is late, late fees and deferral interests calculated on the basis of legal interest rates will be at your charge.


Deliveries might be partitioned. The place of delivery is indicated on the order confirmation. Transfer of risks will be at delivery. You must check the parcel at its arrival and indicate any adequate inaccuracies in written form to the transporter.

You must ensure the conformity of the products delivered with the contract immediately after delivery and announce identifiable defects without delay, but at latest within seven days after delivery. This period passed, the delivered products are considered accepted. If the return of the products is accepted by hOme TIMELAB, you must send it back in their original packing, with a return voucher and proof of purchase. You carry the costs of the return.


We guarantee that at delivery the products of hOme TIMELAB match the terms of the contract (if agreed) and the norms common in the industry, and will be handled carefully. Any other warranty is not assured.  

You have the exclusive right of replacement delivery according to the possibilities of hOme TIMELAB. In view of that we are entitled to check the products in our stock. If replacement delivery fails, you are eligible to request a compensation for the actual reduced value of the object (price cut) but not to resign the contract (cancellation), only if the actual compensation does not equal the price.

In case of replacement delivery, hOme TIMELAB acquires property of the exchanged products by simply exchange. hOme TIMELAB does not give any warranty for any damages induced by a third party.


We assume an infinite responsibility for all actions or intentional omissions resulting from an important mistake. For the remainder, our responsibility for direct or indirect damages (like lost earnings) is, within legal limits, entirely barred.

Cause beyond control

We are not responsible for delays in delivery or services caused by events reasonably beyond our control. For example, we might be eligible to additional time for delivery in case of: strikes, terrorist attacks, wars, problems concerning our suppliers, transport or our production, fluctuations of exchange rates, acts of public authorities, natural disasters. If such a situation lasts more than 2 months, this contract may be cancelled by either party without any compensation.


We may cancel this contract without any notification, if: (i) we expect you to pay an agreed amount for a period longer than 2 weeks although the bill payment due date has been extended; (ii) violate or hOme TIMELAB suspects you to violate laws about the control of exports.

Each party may cancel the contract if the other party: (i) commits an important or persistent failure towards its obligations and does not repair it within 30 days after a written notification, or (ii) becomes insolvent or unable to pay its debts.

Your Obligations

As a customer, you are responsible

•  for your product choice and the subsequent usage of it
•  for your phone and shipping costs when contacting hOme TIMELAB

You must treat our staff with reasonable esteem, show willingness to cooperate and guarantee an easy access allowing a fast proceeding of our obligations; otherwise we will be discharged from them. You assume the backup and confidentiality of your data and all corresponding legal statements.  

Data Protection

You accept that your personal information will be stored or transferred as quoted in the applicable laws about the protection of personal data. hOme TIMELAB guarantees an appropriate level of data protection.


These terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Switzerland. The Vienna Sales Convention for the international sales of goods is not applicable to this contract. The parties agree on the exclusive competency of the courts of Fribourg, Switzerland.


If a paragraph of the contract is declared not valid by a court, the remainder is valid. hOme TIMELAB may delegate or transfer its obligations. You are not allowed to cease or transfer your obligations. Notifications must be sent by listed mail.

Privacy and protection of personal data

hOme TIMELAB cares about privacy rights and protection of personal data. You will find further below our guidelines we will stick to in order to protect your personal information.
Thank you for reading the next lines with great care.

Confidentiality terms of hOme TIMELAB

hOme TIMELAB respects your privacy. All confidential information we collect about you are stored and used exclusively for well-defined actions. They allow us to improve our relationship. We do not sell your confidential information. If we should share them with third parties, this would only be the case with your agreement or corresponding to the current legislation or to protect hOme TIMELAB, its clients, the public or adjacent companies of hOme TIMELAB with the condition that its partners agree to protect your personal data and your privacy. You may contact hOme TIMELAB any time if you have questions about our terms of confidentiality. You may also request the personal information   you have conveyed in order to correct or cancel it. We will take great care with the aim of protecting all confidential information by taking all procedures needed.

The information about you collected by hOme TIMELAB

hOme TIMELAB requests only certain types of personal information. We ask you to provide information allowing us to take care of your purchase or to provide a service, to improve your online navigation, to respond to information requirements, to entertain our customer relationship, or to keep in touch with you after your visit. hOme TIMELAB may collect information when you

    •  you register under
    •  ask for an offer about our products
    •  place an order for our products
    •  ask for electronic notifications of your pending order (order tracking)
    •  ask our client adviser for assistance
    •  respond to an online survey
    •  participate within promotional offers
    •  you subscribe to a newsletter or a mailing list

In each example cited further above, we may ask for your name, address, e-mail, IP address, phone number, profession, job category, transactional information as preferences, client or service number, details about your credit card and other bank information, references and other information necessary to proceed with your order.

Credit Cards and Data Security_All of your personal information is stored on secure servers encrypted with SSL technology. Credit card authorizations and bank transactions hOme TIMELABare handled through our payment service provider PayPal, all major credits cards accepted.

hOme TIMELAB uses your information only for precise actions

The information provided by you will remain confidential and will be collected and administrated for the following objectives or other valid objectives defined by the applicable law.

    •  To administer your purchase
    •  To cover the demands for the products
    •  To improve our products
    •  To contact you
    •  To personalize advertising and its content.

Newsletter, Mailing Lists, Information Requests

If you request information about our products, we will be happy to send you any product-related documentation that could be of interest. This information could consist of special offers and other products of hOme TIMELAB. Solely hOme TIMELAB (or third parties working for hOme TIMELAB) will send you direct mails. If you do not want to receive this kind of information, we recommend to use of the "Unsubscribe" feature providedhOme TIMELAB.

When hOme TIMELAB will share your personal data

Your personal data will be shared with other parties, agents or hOme TIMELAB partners providing services for hOme TIMELAB, as hOme TIMELAB suppliers, sub-contractors et financial institutions. If this is not the case, hOme TIMELAB will make sure the data is administered confidentially.
hOme TIMELAB will only disclose any personal data within the intended and authorized boundaries authorized by law, if this is requested by a court or a public authority, if this is necessary for any jurisprudence, or to make sure we are in line with legal obligations.

hOme TIMELAB will not disclose your personal information without your approval to an external organisation using it for marketing purposes.

Your personal data (as name, address and phone number) or information about your order and the products you have purchased, will not be transferred, nor sold to any external organisation using it for marketing purposes or solicitation without your approval.

Your Rights

Based on your request and within 30 days, we will inform you in written form about the type of personal data we hold about your person, the objectives of its usage and about the potential recipients or type of recipients.
Based on a written request and within a reasonable time span, we will correct, cancel and/or block the later processing of your personal data if this data is not exact, incomplete or without any connection to the objective of the processing.

Personalized Experience and Cookies

The new technologies emerging from the internet allow us to offer visitors personalized experiences. At hOme TIMELAB, we mainly use "cookies" in order to determine which information related to customer service and customer support is appropriate for your computer and hence improve your purchase experience within our online-shop.

Other Websites

You should know that other websites, including those accessible from our website, by means of a hypertext link for example, are able to collect information about you and allow identifying you individually. Terms and conditions of information management of these websites related to hOme TIMELAB, or any other website, are not covered by the present policy of confidentiality.

Contact hOme TIMELAB

If you wish to contact us or if you have any questions or suggestions about our policy of confidentiality, you may contact us by mail, phone or e-mail.

Ch. des Etangs 8

Phone: +41 76 327 54 35


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